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Introduction to Meditation Psalm's way

There are many books written on the subject of Jesus Christ, but none have touch on the subject of his way of meditating and how he was able to create success despite the social challenges and controversy around that time period. Christ would spent many hours in meditation and prayer. Usually not acting, starting or finishing his day until he visited the Father. He taught meditation to his disciples. Remember Peter, and the sheet let down by four corners. Peter meditated, Paul meditated, John in the book of Revelations. In the book of Acts when Stephen was stoned.

Another hidden gem in the scriptures

While preparing for bed, I was pondering on the word of God. Specifically about making my way prosperous and having good success because I delight in and meditate on the Law of God day and night.

The message here is the same as all of God’s messages throughout the scriptures. Learn to live his way or else. Produce fruit (behaviors and habits) that pleases him or else face problems that seems like there is no end in sight. Seek counsel from men and you will never find the end game.

What do I dream about

When I was younger I’d go to sleep and dream. It was random, but I’d dream. Now that I’m older and have gone through many trials and tribulations, sleeping 8 hours a day is a struggle and dreaming is rare. But when I dream and wake up, its like a fresh beginning. I feel renewed strength. 

Today, as I grow older, I think more about the unknown, than things known. I think more about pleasing God and doing less in this world to be influenced by it. I wanna dream God’s dream. God’s will of a place where he struggles with us our flesh and sin working in it no more.

A man before his time

I wasn’t always a technologist. I didn’t always use computers to spread God’s word. But because I am a software developer now I use technology as an extension of myself. To reach the maximum number of people who need to hear God’s word. 

For a very long time i carried with me a strong desire to spread God’s word through mentoring and education. I’ve evolved from a hands on person into a technologist who use technology as a tool or extension of myself to reach others and to share God’s word.

How I use technology to get things done.



Thinking in promises

I was going through list of information technology books and came across a book titled, “Thinking In Promises”. When I saw the title, immediately I thought about the promises of God and what “Thinking in Promises” looks like for my life and experiences.

David, Abraham, and all of the biblical patriots were driven by the promises of God. It’s what gave the reason and purpose. It’s also how God was able to continue to bless them, despite any mistakes or bad experiences they may have on th way.


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