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What does "I buried in my body the dying of the Lord" looks like

 When I was a young Minister back in the 80s, I didn't understand many of the things that Paul and the other typical paid yet wrote about . It wasn't until I begin to intermittently engage the Lord Jesus Christ that I begin to understand what those things mean in the Scriptures.

It's not about me or about anyone else. It's more about change, meaningful change. The kind that is orchestrated by Jesus Christ. There are many things in it . Our upbringing influences how we perceive and understand the things of God. Our culture. Our surroundings. What we believe all have a encapsulating and for fetching alteration and interpretation and understanding of the things of God. That's why the natural man can't understand the things of God and why they are foolish to hell.
 Nonetheless in order to understand what it means to bear in our bodies the dying of the Lord you have to go through something. And I don't mean things that are a result of your interactions or should I say inappropriate in their actions with others and things in life. Change that shows his focus coming from Jesus Christ is the type of change that I'm talking about.

 So what does bearing in the body the dying of the Lord looks like for a believer. What does it they walk of life look like.

 I've always had a strong desire to know Jesus Christ in Waze others have not considered. But I found that in order to truly reach Christ  you can't carry things with you. I think she carry with you while challenging your issues and problems can interfere with or disrupt with Jesus Christ is trying to teach.

The Holy Ghost his role is  comforter, counselor and anything that would help support spiritual growth. That will help support altering your perceptions about how things truly are.

 What we believe about God about Jesus Christ is typically hinged on experiences and knowledge there has been collected over the years from interactions with the world around us. When our approach to solving problems does not include Jesus Christ then the outcomes from the decisions and actions  can cause hardship that if getting directions from Jesus Christ was done ahead of time and during the interaction or what ever you decide is the best course of action, then the outcomes would have been working towards a favorable outcome.