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My experience of how “Sift as wheat” affects the Word

I'm out walking, talking with the Lord and been dealing with and learning about how Satan sifts us as wheat. It's interesting what I have been learning. The feelings that follow from being sifted as wheat are also interesting.

Everything around you has the potential to alter your thinking. When you are walking and talking with the Lord sometimes things can distract you from that conversation. Unknowingly, the feelings and experiences that following during the sifting process, combined with distractions can add or take away from knowledge you’ve learning through abiding or engaging Christ about that situation.

My goal is to learn truth in every experience.

That opposing experience and the information or knowledge gained can potentially can cause the word of God to become ineffective. It can alter what you believe, how you see things, and what you get out of the experience.

That is the reason God wants the word coming to us to be lined up online and precept upon precept. Anything outside of that pollutes or dirties the experience as you are engaging Jesus Christ.

The feelings that follow from the sifting process are things like guilt, loneliness, confusion, faithless and sometimes desperate.

My pursuit to know


Those that know me is aware of my strong interests in carrying the Word of God into my daily experiences and writing about it.

I’ve been talking, walking, praying and fasting in the Lord so that he can teach me what it means for Satan to sift me as wheat.

Because I’ve been doing this for a long time, I am aware that every desire to grow comes with an experience (trial or tribulation) that provides an environment for growth or knowledge about Christ is gained as you engage Jesus Christ during your experiences. There is always a trial or tribulation that comes to prove you, to prove the Word in you.

Ignorance never exempted me. I realize that life is filled with opportunities to get to know how Christ acts or thinks under similiar conditions. Learning his ways and taking on his yoke is a deliberate act.

I came to the realization

The realization that everything around you, the choices you make, what you think about, your feelings and the things you do can impact the Word of God sown in the heart is scary.

It’s funny as I was growing up as a young preacher, I’d read scriptures like “work out your salvation with fear and trembling” never really made sense to me. Being filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues is an exciting experience. I remember when my friends I grew up with questioned my salvation and literally wanting to fight me.

Becaus of the excitement and the experience, nothing bothered me. I love the Lord and he meant everything to me. I didn’t want to risk my new relationship with him, so I refused to fight.

Because of the Lord carrying me, It didn’t seem like I needed to be afraid or fear or to work out my salvation with fear and trembling. So it never dawned on me that “working out my salvation this way was an important part of salvation.

But man, everything from the wife, kids, job, things we eat and drink, health issues, financial prosperity, and especially my own thoughts are a challenge to the Word of God, at the same time, for a child of God who is willing, they become opportunities for spiritual growth. Spiritual growth comes when you -

  • Look at a situation or problem with a desire to learn from it.
  • Learning means you engage Jesus Christ about the best way to respond and think about that situation.
  • It involves things like; intercessory prayer, helping others, fasting for clarity, strengthening of the spiritual will and diminishing the will of the flesh and mind.
  • It involves yoking with and learning about Jesus Christ in them.
  • The outcome should be rest, despite the challenges.
  • If there is no rest found, then another trial or tribulation will eventually replace this one.