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Making your way prosperous

I was walking and thinking about the scriptures where David talked about meditation in Psalms 1, and Isaiah spoke on making your way prosperous. As I thought on what that means and where in my saved life I might have examples. I thought about a time where I entered into what is know as the rest of God. It says the only way to enter into his rest and cease from your own works is by laboring to enter that rest.

I will tell about that experience later.

The importance of being aware or watchful

When I think about it. I am saddened by knowing none of my teachers or any of the saints I knew over the years never taught me how to be watchful. At that time, what I understood about watchfulness is attending church activities as much as possible and Labouring on my knees as much as possible. That catch all method of spiritual teaching is the reason I struggled with homelessness, interpreting the will of God for my life and many other things.

The Catch All Bucket

Whe a minister doesn’t have an answer to your problem, they would often turn you to prayer, fasting and more church activities. Church attendance or prayer has become the catch for all things staying saved and growth. It is understandable today why so many saints never continue to experience the joy, peace, and many other experiences described in the scriptures.

College without reading a book

In 2003 - 2005 while attending college, I worked a full time job, raised a young family and managed a computer training center and a church. I asked the Lord to teach me to visualize. I just come out of a seven 1/2 year trial and tribulation where I had health problems. Hyperthyroidism. My diet had changed to eatting raw foods. 

After that my thoughts were clear. My memory was so accurate, you can ask me details about an event, I could describe them to you with accuracy. While in college I ask the Lord to teach me to visualize. I didn’t want to open my college books to read them unless it was necessary; so I listened to the lectures and allowed the Lord to paint a picture of what the teacher was teaching.

He did that without picking up a book. I took 5 classes for 2 years and received A’s for all of the classes.


I see things in pictures. When I have a headache the ability to think clearly is distorted. For the believe this is an opportunity for the spirit man to engage the situation and make things whole again.

But what you see, while the headache exists, can prevent clarity.

You see in pictures.

It is how we learn new words or a new language. In grade school you learned with cards or a poster about an Apple. Which usually came with a picture and the correctly spelled word. The teachers are expecting students to be familiar with an Apple, else there is no experience or memory to create the association.

The more exposure you have with an Apple as a kid the lower the learning curve becomes and comprehesion of the subject becomes easier.


My supervisor

I have a supervisor at my job who thinks very different from other people I’ve encountered in my life. He has perfected the ability to see the end of a thing and quickly plan the fastest, more efficient and stable solution.

He has taught us how to start projects and be successful at them.

I often get into trouble with him because when I think about things, I start by creating lists of tasks. The brain storming method and I prioritize them and work on them.

Yes, while I’m building out my list I’m thinking about the future, but I’ve never really thought about starting from the end backwards. I’ve perfected my own process, but I see his being a better option. I never struggled with completion, instead I struggled with effective and efficient processes.