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About Accountable to God

Spiritual growth is about change with proof of change. When Jesus was being challenged by the political, and social norms of that time someone asked him the question about truth. Jesus replied, "What is truth?" That's the question every child of God interested in eternity should ask. What's true about my life and what's a lie. What things do I do everyday that displeases God? What things that are part of my social norms are wrong? Proof! My goal is to tell my story so that others may see the way, know the way and walk in that way. Spiritual growth is about making decisions, thinking through problems and responding to them based on communication with the Lord through the Holy Ghost. Spiritual growth happens by deliberately examing your thoughts and behaviors while navigating through your situation and checking with the Lord to ensure that how you respond pleases him. Continuing to do that will eventually create change, expand your knowledge and understanding of what behaviors are acceptable by God. This is the only way to Holiness.Your goal is to ensure that your actions please the Lord Jesus Christ which mean proving all things that they are true. It requires you to think deeply about your own thoughts and how you respond to events in life. I have been saved filled with God's. For more than 30 years and throughout my journey there have been many talks, discussions, new rules and doctrines formed around behaviors. They do not help, nor are they a solution to solving problems related to sin in the believer. They do, however, create a buffer between Jesus Christ and the believer. The purpose of this website is to provide real life example of what spiritual growth looks like, and what accountability to God looks like. I'm going to take you step by step through my own experiences.